Play Therapy Resources


We offer different toys for play therapy, guidance activities and behavioral therapy.

The toys are helpful invention in enhancing a child's senses, social skills, handling

feelings, managing anger, recreation with family, cope with trauma and build character.


The Social Skills Series: Game

The Social Skills Series: Workbook

The Social Skills Series: Story Cards

Journey to Friendsville

Emotional Bingo: Children

Emotional Bingo: Teens

The Feelings: Game

The Feelings: Workbook


Emotes: Esteem Cards

Emotes: Plush Toys

Feeling Good

Thoughts and Feelings Card Game (Deck 1 or Deck 2)

Kimochis: Teachers Tool Kit

Kimochis: Mixed Bag of Feelings

Kimochis: Mixed Feelings (Pack 1/2/3/4)

The Parent Report Card (Children/ Teens)

The Relationship Report Card (Adults)

The Stress Management

Birdge Over Worried Waters

Tangle: Original Tangle Therapy

Tangle: Original Tangle with Texture

Tangle: Jr. Textured

Tangle: Fuzzies