Educational Assessment

PSi believes that assessment in school setting plays a crucial role in the admission,

screening, placement, preparation of individualized lesson plan, identifying strengths

and areas of difficulty, career counseling and monitoring progress of students to a

greter extent of its most important human resources, the teachers, guidance councelors

and other key personnel. We are all about helping institutions establish and maintain

excellence through relevant and practical assessment tools.



ADT is a standardized achievement test designed to measure the mastery of learning

competencies in English, mathematics and Science based on the K-12 curriculum. ADT

is presented in a multiple choice format consisting of 30 - 60 items. Subscribers of ADT

will recieve the following as part of the package:

â–º Individual student report

â–º Class summative report

â–º PowerPoint presentation of the result

â–º PDF copy of individual student results and class reports


Sample ADT Individual Student Report



The ACE test are checklist by witch high school can systematically clarify understanding

of their career inclination. Likewise, the ACE is designed to assist school counselors in

the delivery  of thier career guidance program.


A. Career Interest & Multiple Intelligence - Revised (CIMI-R)

The CIMI-R is intended for Grade 7 students to understand and discover the best career

options corresponding to their work interests and their intelligences. CIMI-R yields a

percentile score (PS) with a corresponding quality index (QI) for each of the following

nine (9) occupational clusters and nine (9) multiple intelligences.


Sample CIMI-R Student Report


B. Career & Personality Inventory - Revised (CPI-R)

The Career and Personality Inventory - Revised (CPI-R) is intended for Grade 9 students

to understand and discover the best career options corresponding to their work interests

and personality type. CPI-R provides report on eleven (11) occupational clusters (Business

and Financial Management, Computer and Information Technology, Physical Science,

Biological and Medical Science, Arts and Designs, Social and Personal, Agricultural and

Livestock, Home Economics and Livelihood, Industrial Arts, Sports and Athletic, Professional

and Executive) and eight (8) Typologies (Extroversion & Introversion, Sensing & Intuition,

Thinking & Feeling and Judging and Perceiving).


Sample CPI-R Student Report


C. Interest & Learning Style Inventory - Revised (ILSI-R)

The Interest and Learning Style Inventory Revised (ILSI-R) is an inventory developed to help

students in Grade 8 understand and discover the best career options corresponding to their

work interests and their learning style. ILSI-R provided report on nine (9) occupational clusters

(Vocational and Livelihood, Arts and Humanities, Business and Finance Management, Education

and Communication, Government and Public Administration, Health and Medical Science, 

Personal and Social Services, Computer and Information Technology, Physical Science and

Technology) and six (6) Learning Style ( Visual, Auditory, Verbal, Kinesthetic, Solitary and Social.



D. Career Ability & Placement Survey (CAPS)

The Career Ability and Placement Survey (CAPS) will help Grade 10 to Grade 12 students in

their career planning. This test will help students understand their potentials, strenghts and

weaknesses. The scores are aligned with the career that is predicted to provide success. CAPS

is a comprehensive, multi-dimensional batterydesigned to measure vocationally relevant

abilities which is keyed to occupations in each Career Clusters. Students will learn which

occupational areas are most suited to their present abilities.


Sample CAPS Student Report


E. Aptitude Test for Students (ATS)

The Aptitude Test for Students (ATS) is developed to help Grade 10 students to understand

and discover the best career options corressponding to their abilities. The test attempts to

determine and measure a student's ability to acquire through future training, some specific

set of (intellectual and motor) skills. The test results can be useful in predicting future

achievements and identify possible career options based from the results.


Sample ATS Student Report





A. Assessment of Fluid & Crystallized Intelligence

The assessment of fluid and crystallized intelligence provides a measure of an individual's

ability to think, reason abstractly and solve problems, it also measures knowledge that

comes from past experiences in both children and adults.


It is a good predictor of success in an educational context as well as an ideal tool for school

practitioners requiring measurements of cognitive abilities in a whole range of organizational

and clinical setting.


Sample Individual Student Report


B. Study Habits Inventory (SHI)

The Study Habits Inventory (SHI) provides information about the student's strength and

weaknesses when it comes to study habits in terms of work promptness, study techniques,

teachers' approval, school conformity, study attitudes and study orientation.


Sample SHI Student Report


C. School Motivation and Learning Strategies Inventory (SMALSI)

The SMALSI helps identify strenghts and weaknesses that are related to a student's

academic success, and makes it possible to address weaklearning strategies proactively.

The SMALSI is highly efficient in identifying students with ineffective learning strategies,

low academic motivation, attention and cencentration problems, difficulties with test

taking or test anxiety.


Intended to be used with special and general education students, the SMALSI is appropriate

for a wide variety of learning styles. This assessment is most useful as a screening tool within

regular education settings.


Sample SMALSI Student Report


D. School Ability Test (SAT)

School Ability Test provides information about the student's verbal, non verbal and

quantitative abilities that relates to his/her academic success. SAT is also used as a

tool for admission into schools and programs for gifted and talented children or to

measure the scholastic achievement across all ages.


The SAT also evaluates students' thinking skills and provides an understanding of

their relative strenghts and weaknesses in performing a variety of reasoning tasks.


Sample SAT Student Report





A. Baron: Emotional Quotient Inventory (Baron: EQ-YV)

The Bar-On EQ test measures the level of emotional and social functioning in children

and adolescents. As strength based assessment, this product highlights area of positive

functioning as well as areas for development. It can be used by psychologist, school 

counselors, social workers and psychiatrists to identify an individual's strengths and

weaknesses in order to help that individual to develop the skills needed for academic,

personal and social success.


Sample Baron-EQ-YV Student Report


B. Personality Inventory for Youth (PIY)

The Personality Inventory for Youth is a self-report test that assesses emotional and

behavioral adjustment, family interaction, school and academic fucntioning. It is

composed of two hundred seventy (270) items covering nine (9) non-overlapping

clinical scales and twenty four (24) non-overlapping subscales. Result in this report is

presented in raw and standard (T) scores. Traits associated with the scores obtained

are presented to describe the typical personality pattern of the students.


Sample Baron-EQ-YV Student Report