Test of Early Written Language, Third Edition (TEWL-III)

    Test of Early Written Language, Third Edition

    Qualification Level: B
    Age Range: 4:0 – 10:11
    Administration: Individual
    Completion Time: 30 to 50 minutes
    Complete Kit: Includes 20 Student Workbooks (10 Form A and 10 Form B); 20 Administration/Record Booklets (10 Form A and 10 Form B); 3 Picture Cards; Manual; all in a sturdy storage box

    product description

    The TEWL-3 is a revision of one of the few measures of written language expression in children. Now suitable for individual assessment with children ages 4-0 to 11-11, it is grounded in current research on developing literacy abilities. Because research has shown that mechanics and content are equally important to overall literacy aptitude, these areas are equally assessed.

    Two equivalent forms are included, each with Basic Writing and Contextual Writing subtests, so you can easily monitor a child's improvement by retesting. The subtests can be administered independently or together to measure the child's overall writing ability.