Quick Picture Reading Test (QPRT)

    Quick Picture Reading Test

    Ages: 8 to 89 years
    Admin Time: 10 minutes or less
    Format: Phrase and picture matching
    Scores: A standard score, the Reading Index, plus a percentile rank and grade equivalent
    Complete Kit: Includes 10 Adult AutoScore Forms; 10 Child AutoScore Forms; Manual

    product description

    The QPRT is composed of 26 short phrases and 35 simple line drawings. The examinee reads each phrase, scans the drawings, and chooses the image that best represents the meaning of the phrase.    

    Appropriate for ages 8 to 89, the test can be administered to individuals or groups. It offers two convenient AutoScore™ Test Forms—one for adults (17 to 89 years) and one for children (8 to 19 years of age). These forms are identical in item content and presentation, though different norms apply to each. They overlap in age so that users can choose the form that’s more appropriate for 17- to 19-year-olds, who may be in either a school or work setting.

    The QPRT has a 10-minute time limit, which is more than sufficient for most examinees. (The purpose of the time limit is simply to discourage respondents from prolonging the task.) Instructions to examinees are written at a third-grade reading level and printed directly on the test forms. Typically, administration and scoring can be handled by support personnel.