Psych Systems and Innovation, Inc. (PSI) is your one-stop shop for all your psychological concerns.

PSI is a private non-stock corporation engaged in applied psychology.


We take pride in providing services that aim to promote the development of organization like yours

through our products and services.


Our products and services include psychological test distributorship, assessment in educational,

industrial and clinical settings, counceling and therapy, review program, seminars and trainings.




Psych Systems and Innovation envisions to be the leading psyhcological test and assessment

provider in the country through its commitment to quality and credible services to its partner





â–º   To make PSI a common name for psychological test users.

â–º   To make psychological tests affordable and accessible to all schools, industries, clinics,

       hospitals and private practitioners.

â–º   To assist our clientele develop competence in the use of Psychological Test.

â–º   To provide credible and relevant psychological services.